Ashtanga Narayani

Monthly ongoing practitioners receive:
✩ off-hours access to the shala for self-practice ✩ mat storage ✩ discounts on books, private sessions, and special events ✩ a good feeling supporting your local community shala ✩ the option to cancel, renew, and edit your account at any time by logging into your monthly practitioner portal (accessible once signed up).

Note that your ongoing month will begin the day of sign up. Specify in your notes if you prefer to start on a specific day and I will update it for you.

✰ Sliding-scale and trade/exchange: 
Sliding scale and alternative payment options are prioritized for indigenous, trans, and POC practitioners, public school teachers, and single mothers to support regular and sustaining practice. Please reach out to me before signing up to discuss options.

अभ्यासवैराग्याअभ्यां तन्निरोधः abhyāsa-vairāgya-ābhyāṁ tan-nirodhaḥ