Ashtanga Narayani exists with the intention to uphold the wisdom of mother earth and the divine intelligence of each individual’s breath, body, and unique experience. The shala is South Pasadena-adjacent, located at: 2459 Mission St. San Marino, CA 91108. The surrounding neighborhood is convenient and inviting with ample parking. Click here for a map.

Michelle 진아/眞我/true-self Song (she/they) is an artist, yogini, herbalist, SYC L2 authorized teacher, and an advocate for earth-based movements. She celebrates the wisdom of indigenous teachings, historically suppressed voices, expressions, and embodiments of the sacred, and is committed to sharing and cultivating community grounded and nourished by these values. Over the last ten years she has studied under the lineages of Baba Hari Dass in Santa Cruz, CA and Haridwar, India and of T. Krishnamacharya in Los Angeles and Mysore, India with her teachers Noah Williams and Sharath Jois. Alongside these studies she has taken the bodhisattva vow within the Korean Zen tradition and spent formative years as the director of publishing at the Philosophical Research Society, where she continues to be involved with select and special projects. She lives in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains on Tongva land and loves gardening, studying mystical texts, and spending time with her pups. Michelle is the founder and director of Ashtanga Narayani.

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अभ्यासवैराग्याअभ्यां तन्निरोधः abhyāsa-vairāgya-ābhyāṁ tan-nirodhaḥ